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           I would like to tell you about a fundraiser that our parish participates in. It's called The Manna Group Scrip Program. This scrip program will allow our parish to fund raise while we shop.

"Scrip" is the name given to gift cards and certificates which are provided from local and national retailers. They are the same gift cards available in stores.

           How can these retailers help us raise money? It's simple ... partnered vendors agree to sell gift cards to our parish at a discount. Parishioners like you buy the gift cards at full face value and our parish keeps the difference as profit. NO SELLING INVOLVED!

            Put your everyday shopping dollars to work. Earn credit without spending anything additional. Simply purchase gift cards from stores that participate in The Manna Group scrip program! Grocery, gasoline, clothing, entertainment, and household goods can be purchased using scrip.

           Scrip is an exciting fundraising tool because everybody wins:

Example: You purchase $100 in Jewel cards. You receive 2% ($2.00) and our parish receives 2% ($2.00). It's that simple!

           The Manna Group Scrip program promises to be a simple and effective fundraising program. We hope we can count on your support! Start shopping today! For more information, feel free to call the rectory during their business hours.